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MainStreet: Could HR Be Snooping on Your Emails And Web Browsing? What Every Worker Should Know
March 30, 2015: Kristin Colella quotes Tatiana Melnik in her story discussing how companies monitor employees using company owned technology.
Colella also provides tips to employees who wish to avoid issues with human resources . . .  (continue reading)

Medical Economics: Top 15 Challenges Facing Physicians in 2015 - Master challenges by maximizing efficiency
December 1, 2014: Ken Terry, Alison Ritchie, Donna Marbury, Lisa Smith, Elaine Pofeldt quote Tatiana Melnik in their article detailing some of the top 15 challenges physicians will face in 2015. . .  (continue reading)

Tampa Bay Medical News: Understanding FIPA - New State Law is Unique, Broader and Stricter than Similar Data Breach Laws
October 14, 2014: Tampa Bay Medical News quotes Tatiana Melnik in their article discussing Florida's new data breach law, which is stricter than the data breach laws in other states and shortens the data breach notification time frame for those collecting data from Florida residents. . .  (continue reading)

Medical Economics: How to Survive in Independent Practice
August 7, 2014: Elaine Pofeldt quotes Tatiana Melnik in a story discussing physicians moving to independent practice and thriving in the challenging financial and regulatory atmosphere. . .  (continue reading)

Interview with Mari Frank on Privacy Piracy (88.9FM and

August 4, 2014: Mari Frank interviews Tatiana Melnik about data brokers, data privacy, the Internet of Things, and recent data privacy and remedies consumers have in the event of a data breach.

TechRepublic: The Scary Truth About Data Security with Wearables
July 3, 2014: Teena Hammond  of TechRepublic quotes
Tatiana Melnik in her story discussing the wide spread data collection practices by private companies and what those companies do with the data they collect . . . (continue reading)

Healthcare Finance News: Safety Rankings: Should Hospitals Care?
May 28, 2014: Kelsey Brimmer quotes Tatiana Melnik in her story discussing the impact of safety rankings on hospitals and  whether hospitals should care about these rankings.
. . . (continue reading)

Upgrade from Windows XP to Protect Your Agency Against Costly Risks
May 12, 2014:
Josh Poltilove quotes Tatiana Melnik in his story about HIPAA requirements to update to an operating system that is supported by the manufacturer and the need to undertake a Risk Analysis when making a software change . . . (continue reading)

Part B News: After Heartbleed, Step Up Security to Stay in HIPAA Compliance
May 5, 2014:
Roy Edroso, an editor of Part B News, quotes Tatiana Melnik on his story discussing the "Heartbleed Internet Security crisis" and the possible need to report a data breach...(continue reading)

Part B News: To Avoid Penalties, Go Beyond HHS’ HIPAA Security Risk Analysis Tool
April 21, 2014: Roy Edroso, an editor of Part B News, quotes
Tatiana Melnik in his story discussing HHS's HIPAA Risk Analysis Tool and the need to use care when using the tool because the tool is only as good as the user's understanding of the HIPAA requirements ...(continue reading)

TechRepublic: How to Craft a Social Media Policy
April 11, 2014: Erin Carson of TechRepublic quotes
Tatiana Melnik in her story discussing the need for and drafting considerations for social media policies for companies that are both new to social media as well as those who are established players... (continue reading)

OncLive: Expanding Your Practice to Include a Dispensing Pharmacy
March 25, 2014:
Cheryl Alkon quoted Tatiana Melnik in OncLive on her story about how oncology practices may expand their service offerings and increase patient satisfaction by adding a dispensing pharmacy... (continue reading)

YAHOO! Tech: How to Monitor Your Kids Without Turning into the NSA

February 2, 2014: Dan Tynan of YAHOO! Tech quotes
Tatiana Melnik in his story on technologies parents can use to monitor their children and practical tips to minimize the risks that efforts will backfire...(continue reading)

CNBC: Telemedicine Keeps Seniors Out of Nursing Homes
January 14, 2014: Elaine Pofeldt of CNBC quotes Tatiana Melnik in her story discussing the growth of telemedecine and how telemedicine technologies are being used to monitor seniors...(continue reading)

CNBC: 5 Ways to Sell Your Business at a Peak Price in 2014
January 7, 2014: Elaine Pofeldt of CNBC quotes Tatiana Melnik in her story discussing the steps small business owners must take prior to selling their business if they wish to maximize value... (continue reading)

Healthcare Finance News: Mobile payment apps offer opportunities and risks for doctors
December 10, 2013: Paul Cerrato of Healthcare Finance News quotes Tatiana Melnik in his story addressing the risks and benefits of mobile payment apps in the healthcare industry... (continue reading)
Benefits Pro: unplugged
December 1, 2013: Amber May of Benefits Pro quotes Tatiana Melnik in her story detailing the problems encountered with the federal exchange website and the next steps to be taken to resolve the technical issues....(continue reading)
SC Magazine: Shining a Spotlight on: Social Media - Is Privacy Dead?
November, 2013: Stephen Lawton of SC Magazine quotes Tatiana Melnik in his story entitled Is Privacy Dead? discussing the different perspectives involving social media use by employees....(continue reading)