YAHOO Tech!: How to Monitor Your Kids Without Turning into the NSA

February 02 2014:

Dan Tynan of YAHOO! Tech quotes Tatiana Melnik in his story on technologies parents can use to monitor their children and practical tips to minimize the risks that monitoring efforts will backfire.

Many parents desire to monitor the activity of their children to keep their children out of harms way.

Tynan explains, "The technology to do it is certainly cheap and plentiful. If you want to, you can install software on their computers that copies you on everything they type and everything they look at. You can turn their phones into digital bloodhounds that map everywhere they go. You can install cameras in your home and watch your kids from any Internet device."

All of that is perfectly legal. Parents are within their rights to monitor their minor children on any device they use, notes Tatiana Melnik, a data privacy and security attorney in Tampa, Fla. Practically speaking, however, itís not as simple as it sounds, especially as your little darlings morph into surly adolescents. Do it badly, and it can backfire on you in a big way.

YAHOO! Tech, published online at - Read the full article here: How to Monitor Your Kids Without Turning into the NSA

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