Information Technology
  • Information Technology Companies, including
    • Data centers
    • Mobile app development companies
    • Providers of e-commerce services
    • Providers of computer repair. diagnostic and penetration services
    • Software development firms, including those operating in the financial and healthcare spaces
    • Website development firms
  • Information Technology Professionals, including
    • Application service providers
    • Computer programmers
    • Database administrators and designer
    • IT consultants
    • Integration specialists
    • IT project managers
    • Online security specialists
    • Software developers
    • System designers
    • Website and app developers
Representative Clients
Melnik Legal PLLC serves a wide range of client types, from the start-up to the established corporation. We base our legal practice on understanding our clients' businesses and using this insight to meet their unique and evolving legal challenges.

Some of the type of clients Tatiana Melnik has worked with include:

  • Ambulatory surgery centers
  • Hospitals and acute care providers
  • Home health care providers
  • Insurers and lenders
  • Medical and surgical suppliers
  • Mental health services and rehabilitation centers
  • Physicians and physician practice groups
  • Physician practice management companies
  • Physician associations
  • Specialty pharmacies
  • Various information technology vendors and service providers focusing on serving the healthcare industry, including:
    • data centers
    • health information exchanges
    • professional service companies
    • software vendors and developers (including those developing HIPAA-compliant mobile apps and other remote communication and telemedicine enabling technologies)