MainStreet: Could HR Be Snooping on Your Emails And Web Browsing? What Every Worker Should Know

March 30, 2015:

Kristin Colella quotes Tatiana Melnik in her story discussing how companies monitor employees using company owned technology. Colella also provides tips to employees who wish to avoid issues with human resources.

It's routine for employers to monitor their employees. But, can employees find out of their companies are reading their emails? "'I don't believe that most companies make that information easily accessible to employees,' says Tatiana Melnik, a data privacy and security attorney for Melnik Legal in Tampa, Fla. 'If you were doing something wrong, employers don't want to tell employees how to avoid the checks.'"

In many circumstances, if employees are misbehaving, employers may give them a warning. But, in others, employers have federal reporting obligations. "'If there's an issue of child pornography, for example, there's a federal law requiring that the employee be reported,' Melnik says."

The full article is available from the MainStree website here - Could HR Be Snooping on Your Emails And Web Browsing? What Every Worker Should Know.

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