Medical Economics: Top 15 Challenges Facing Physicians in 2015 - Master Challenges By Maximizing Efficiency

December 1, 2014:

In an article for Medical Economics written by Ken Terry, Alison Ritchie, Donna Marbury, Lisa Smith, Elaine Pofeldt, the reporters quote Tatiana Melnik in their review of the top 15 challenges physicians will face in 2015.

Challenge #11: Payers dictating healthcare, explains why payer interference is increasing and how "[p]hysicians have to deal with a range of audits tied to meaningful use and other programs."

"The federal government can audit Medicare patients’ charts, while individual states can audit records for Medicaid patients, since they fund Medicaid, up to 10 years after a patient’s treatment, notes Tatiana Melnik, JD, an attorney [working] in technology and healthcare IT in Tampa, Florida."

“It’s very important that they print out the information and keep it in a binder, Melnik says. If the audit takes place six years from now they are still going to have to produce that information.”

The authors further note that, "Audits are not the only way payers are inserting themselves into the physician-patient relationship. Prior authorizations are another ways payers attempt to take decision-making out of the hands of physicians."

Other challenges physicians will be facing in 2015 include: Staff retention, keeping pace with technology, pay for performance, and rising operational costs.

The full article is available from the Medical Economics website here - Top 15 Challenges Facing Physicians in 2015 - Master Challenges By Maximizing Efficiency.
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