A Few Telemedicine Resources
October 28 2014
Posted in: Telemedicine
Following the release of the Model Policy for the Appropriate Use of Telemedicine Technologies in the Practice of Medicine by the Federation of State Medical Boards in April 2014[1], ...read more
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FCC: The Newest Regulator to Throw its Hat into the Data Privacy and Security Ring
October 27 2014
Posted in: FCC
It's a sure sign that the tide on privacy and security enforcement has turned when the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), not one known to take enforcement actions in the ...read more
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CMS and ONC Webinar on Changes to Meaningful Use
September 10 2014
Posted in: Meaningful Use
As part of the National Healthcare IT week, the ONC and CMS are hosting a joint webinar on September 16 to cover some of the recent regulatory changes surrounding ...read more
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Florida Department of Health Proposed Rules to Implement the Medical Marijuana Law
August 18 2014
Posted in: Medical Marijuana
Like many other states, the Florida legislature has recognized the medicinal uses of marijuana. During the 2014 session, the Florida Legislature passed the “Compassionate Medical Cannabis Act of 2014” ...read more
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FTC Announces Agenda for Upcoming Big Data Workshop
August 13 2014
Posted in: Big Data
The Federal Trade Commission continues its focus on Big Data and is hosting a workshop on “Big Data: A Tool for Inclusion or Exclusion?” on September 15 in Washington, ...read more
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Interest in Cyber Security of Financial Services Firms Continues to Increase
August 8 2014
Posted in: Financial Services
As news of data breaches continue to mount, federal and state regulators are becoming increasingly interested in the steps companies are taking to secure the information entrusted to them ...read more
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Target's Data Breach Costs Reach $148 Million
August 6 2014
Posted in: Data Breach
In a Press Release issued on August 5, 2014, Target Corporation announced that its costs to address the December 2013 data breach have reached approximately $148 million. This number ...read more
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Dentist Sued Over the Marketing Practices of Its Independent Contractor
July 22 2014
Posted in: Marketing
Companies Must be Careful in Hiring Marketing Firms A Florida dentist is currently in litigation over the actions of the subcontractor of his subcontractor. Briefly, the dentist hired an ...read more
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Family Stumped by Fired Live-In Nanny Who Won't Leave
June 29 2014
Posted in: Employment
The Importance of Running Background Checks. Employers generally recognize that there is a need to run background checks on prospective employees. But, sometimes after an interview or because of ...read more
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